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Nuestro Concepto

La Fruta es parte de nuestras necesidades básicas. Esto no se puede denegar aunque aveces se nos olvida.

Los tiempos nos traen un nuevo respeto hacia la naturaleza y sus frutos.

Nuestra SALUD depende de ella.

Nuestra tienda de fruta y verdura os anima a traer vuestra propia cesta, bolsa, contenedor o jarra..

El Producto:

Prioritizing fruit and vegetables locally sourced, seasonal and environmentally friendly is fundamental in our vision. Some eco-friendly produce found on the market may be more expensive and not so “pretty” although it´s usually the “sweetest deal”.

Imported 1st category, of course, will be available when not grown in Tenerife, ex; alpine apples and oranges.

Prepared food to go

Our Island offers so many gastronimical options that it´s hard to keep up.

Sometimes simple is best and cooking isn´t always in your plans. Make the most of your time and count on us to bring you the best produce.


Sourcing locally and using seasonal fruit and vegetable in the kitchen helps reduce carbon print and waste.

Whats on the menu?:

Prepared meals to go, portions or trays of your classic dishes.

Vegetarian and vegan of lasagnas, “meatballs” , creamy thick soups, stews and Nut roast are everyones favourite comfort dishes.

Brunch Buddha bowls with a wide variety of greens, cereals and proteins.

Gazpachos, smoothies and shakes made with the fruit and vegetables of your choice.

Vegetarian and vegan paradise.

Opened 11th December 2019

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Workshop every second Sunday where group of 12 learn new vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Fruit, vegetables and prepared food

Av. El Palm-Mar 26, local 1
620 56 33 55

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